Taupo Sustainable Neighbourhood

PAUA Architects is working with Taupo District Council to design the detail of the streetscape, houses and environmental strategies for the development of a sustainable urban neighbourhood known as “Victoria Lot 60”. Urban designer David Pronger, who led the winning design entry, heading off design submissions from across New Zealand, Australia and Europe. "The brief called specifically for an environmentally low impact development, including ESD principles, energy efficiency, sustainable materials and water conservation, including on-site management of storm water." In explaining the reasoning behind the "groups of buildings designed to be adaptable to a variety of small scale mixed uses", David thinks that people have lost the ability to live in a resource-conscious manner. Victoria Lot 60 has the design principles, sustainable vision and foresight to make a start to turn this around.

‘The outcome of the forward-looking Victoria Lot 60 competition demonstrates the importance of design that is an insightful response to site-specific conditions. . . the sort of thing that architects are supposed to be good at. The winning design, by Antanas Procuta Architects, is an instructive engagement with issues that make sustainable suburbia a tough nut to crack. Antanas Procuta Architects have taken a consistently restrained and disciplined approach to the geometry, materials and details of each individual dwelling, and allowed much of the rich character of the development to grow out of the numerous local inflections of both house and site planning. Where Antanas Procuta Architects offer real innovation is in the design of individual lots and their dwellings, to achieve density targets without compromising resident amenity.’

Professor John Hunt Competition Advisor, chair of the judging panel

Antanas Procuta Architects became PAUA Architects on 23 December 2015

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