The PAUA Architectural Design Process

Project Establishment

Project Establishment is like finding all the edge pieces when you do a puzzle - it frames the project and sets the scene for successful design.

Concept Design

The concept design is our creative response to your brief.  This is when your creative ideas start coming to life.

Preliminary Design

Through the preliminary design phase of the project, we work with your feedback to refine the design.  This is also when we recommend getting a preliminary cost estimate from a quantity surveyor.

Developed Design

Once you are happy with the preliminary design, we develop the design and drawings and collaborate with you on the layout, look, and materials.

Detailed Design and Documentation

The next step is to create the detailed documentation showing exactly how your project is to be constructed.

Procurement ( & Building Consent)

With the documentation complete, we invite local building contractors to price the job for you, apply for building consent, and answer any queries from builders or council.

Project Management

After we've helped you reach an agreement with a builder, we manage the contract to make sure the work is carried out in accordance with the design and instructions we have all agreed.

Download Imagine to find out more

Learn everything you'll need to know by downloading Imagine, our publication describing the architectural design process and explaining the experience of building a new house with PAUA Architects. 



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