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Jack's Landing

(Quentin Drive Subdivision)
Urban Design

Hamilton, Waikato

At a time when new residential developments of any scale are built on former farmland at the perimeter of town and city edges, the Jack’s Landing development is located just a seven minute drive from Hamilton city centre, in walking distance of recreational and sports parks, retail shops and work places. 

Reclaiming land between Hamilton’s Kahikatea Drive industrial centre and the sought-after Lake Rotoroa (Hamilton Lake) residential neighbourhood, Jack’s Landing seeks to create a village of medium-density housing, that connects to the broader neighbourhood. 

Jack’s Landing is a 110 house development on unused industrial land which has been rezoned through the Special Housing Area process. 

The design provides a considered approach to the subdivision, creating central green space and pedestrian walkways that connect residents to Rotoroa Lake and the existing high-value residential neighbourhood.

PAUA prepared and developed the subdivision concept layout, working with the developer and consultants to optimise the number of dwellings, public amenity, roading layout, connections to neighbours, and sense of community. 

Using a previously underutilised property within an area that is already well-served with roads, utilities, and council services meant that the extra cost for expanding infrastructure was minimised.  This - along with minimising traffic congestion - is a good reason for councils and developers to seek out other opportunities such as this.

PAUA developed a number of housing typologies, consisting of terraced housing around the green spaces, as well as a number of duplexes and detached houses.  There is a combination of primary and secondary roads, as well as a lane way for shared pedestrian traffic.  The stormwater solution is a large attenuation pond, which was integrated into the landscaping plan. 

PAUA’s scope included urban design, masterplanning, developing the design guidelines and concept design for the dwelling typologies.

Stage One Completed 2022


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