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Pōhutukawa House

Waihi Beach

Pōhutukawa House is a graceful embodiment of the NZ bach tradition, where architectural elegance meets natural beauty.

Project Essence:

🏡 Harmonious Integration: Rooted in the ethos of NZ bach design, Pōhutukawa House seamlessly melds with its surroundings. Its design gracefully navigates a diagonal path, weaving beneath the pōhutukawa canopy, occasionally revealing glimpses of the sea beyond.

🌳 Nature's Embrace: Pōhutukawa House pays homage to its environment by preserving the existing pōhutukawa trees. It stands humbly beneath their canopy, allowing outdoor spaces to flourish and minimizing reliance on extensive roofing.

🌅 Framing Nature: Thoughtfully positioned windows frame captivating views. The west-facing kitchen windows establish a visual link to uphill family properties, maintaining a timeless cedar-clad aesthetic and a sense of belonging.

🏞️ Seaside Tranquility: Nestled in a peaceful coastal suburb, Pōhutukawa House captures gentle ocean hints from its slightly elevated vantage. Its north-facing deck extends an invitation to experience unique diagonal sea views, while a nearby parklet offers a tranquil view through the dunes.

🌿 Materials in Harmony: A blend of materials, including birch ply and cedar, echoes simplicity and sustainability. Birch ply interiors finished with Osmo oil radiate warmth, while cedar cladding pays homage to tradition and fosters a genuine connection with the environment.

💡 Sustainability Champion: While not driven by formal sustainability standards, Pōhutukawa House champions eco-conscious choices. Minimal structural steel, an insulated concrete floor with thermal mass, and an eco-friendly heat pump-driven hydronic heating system ensure comfort with a mindful touch.

Pōhutukawa House doesn't just embrace NZ's architectural legacy; it merges effortlessly with nature, standing as a testament to refined design and the commitment to nurturing the surrounding beauty.

Completed 2022

Photography by Aaron Radford, Dec 2022


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